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Your Day

It’s here! The big day. I’m here to help ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Exactly how does the big day roll though? This is your day so it runs how you want it to, but this is the basic outline of a wedding ceremony.

The Processional

The big entry. The music, the tears, the joy. Who enters as part of the processional is whatever fits into your vision. Perhaps the groom makes his own big entrance, or he could already be at the ceremony welcoming guests. Are the groomsmen with him or are they entering with the bridesmaids? Are both of your parents waking you down the aisle? Does mum have her own big entrance? There’s so many variations to fit what you want. This is the general order.

  • The flower girl/page boy
  • Bridesmaids
  • Maid of honour
  • Father of the bride and the bride
The Open

Let’s get this ceremony started! You’ve probably heard “dearly beloved, we’re here today to join this couple in matrimony”, this is your wedding, I can welcome your family and friends however you wish – remember, by this stage you’ve already seen and approved the script so there’s no surprises here.

Readings & Story-Telling

This ceremony is all about you and your story. This is the perfect place in the ceremony to have a friend or family member share. It could be a story of your love, a reading, a poem or verse.

The Vows

This is where you declare your love for each other. Your trip down memory lane of what brought you to this day. Your hopes for the future and your promises to each other. Write it up your arm, on a phone, on a tablet, heck have it on a scroll. Just make sure you write it down!

It’s time to get legal!

This is where we get you hitched. I will have a couple of things I need to say to make sure it’s legal (you can find out more here). This is where you will repeat after me.

Reading & Story-Telling

Remember this is your day, all about you! At this point you may want another family member or friend to read a poem, reading or verse.

The bling

I will invite the ring bearer (no matter how old, young or fluffy) to bring forward the rings. I will then lead you through the exchanging of rings.

Something extra

Some couples may choose a unifying ritual to be included in their ceremony. A candle-lighting ceremony, tree planting, pot planting, sand ceremony, knot tying, family huddle. There’s no must do or do not for this stage. You can skip it altogether if you choose. You can read about some options here.

You’re Married!

This is an incredibly exciting part of the day. By the power vested in me, I get to pronounce you married!

Kiss the girl (or guy)

Look away mum & dad! It’s time for the official kiss. Try keep it PG, but make it a long one so your photographer gets the perfect shot!

It’s time to get extra legal

There’s one more legal part to your ceremony. You and your 2 witnesses need to sign the paperwork.

The Close

With the paperwork signed it’s time for me to thank your family & friends for joining us for this day of celebration and with a few final words it’s my absolute honor to introduce you to your family and friends for the first time as Mr & Mrs Lastname (or Mr & Mr, or Mrs & Mrs or any variation you choose).


It’s all done! It’s time to party! You’ve chosen your party song, and you will now walk down the aisle (hopefully hand in hand!) followed by your wedding party and finally your guests.

You’ve done it! You’re hitched!