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Wedding planning can be complicated, here’s a great list of FAQs!

Who is responsible for getting the marriage licence?

That’s you.

The licence is valid for 3 months, and you must have it more than 3 working days before your wedding.

  • Only one of you needs to complete the application but both of your information must be on it.
  • One of you must sign it personally before a Registrar of Marriages and make the required statutory declaration.
  • It must include your celebrants full name, the venue details and back-up venue details

You can find the form online. Either the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage‘ (BDM60) or the ‘Notice of Intended Civil Union’ (BDM360)

How much does it cost?

The licence is $150.

Is the licence the same as a marriage certificate?

Nope. The license is the document that needs to be signed and lodged to make your marriage legal. The marriage certificate is an official record of your marriage. It’s $33 + shipping and can be ordered here.

Do I actually need a celebrant?

Legally yes. Your celebrant has been appointed by the Registrar-General to perform legal weddings.

So Uncle David can’t marry us?

Technically no. However, if Uncle David is that important to you, we can discuss how he can be further involved in the ceremony (and I can perform the legal bits).

Ok so I’ve got the licence and I’ve got a celebrant, now what?

You will receive two copies issued by the Department of Internal Affairs. It is incredibly important you do not lose or damage these documents.

You need to give me (or your celebrant) the licence. I will check all the information is correct. I will bring them to the ceremony to be signed.

After the ceremony I will return one copy to the department of Births, Deaths and Marriages and give the other copy to you.

What happens at the ceremony to make it a legal marriage?

There’s 3 main ‘must haves’ to make it a legal marriage.

I must say your full names as they appear on the certificate. Once your full names have been used then your nickname can be used through the ceremony.

Each partner must say “I Person A, take you Person B to be my legal wife/husband/partner”.

In a civil union each partner must say “I Person A acknowledge that I am freely joining in a civil union with you Person B”

The wedding licence is signed by the couple, the celebrant and 2 witnesses.

The witnesses! Can our child be a witness?

They absolutely can! Anyone can be a witness as long as they understand what they are signing.

Do I have to wear a ring?

Not at all. You could choose to get matching tattoos. Or do a full Prince William and don’t wear a ring at all!

If your question wasn’t in this list of FAQs, feel free to ask me and I’ll do what I can to help you find the answer.